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  • Kinect Educational App: River Crossing by Kinems

    Tweet“River Crossing” is a new Kinect educational app available for download, freely provided by Kinems.  Kinems is a company that provides learning games utilizing Kinect for K-9 children and enriches the traditional therapeutic method with their motion-sensored educational games. A video demonstration of River Crossing is featured below.   River Crossing | Kinems Learning Games […]

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  • An Introduction to Games Based Learning by Andrew Miller

    Tweetwritten by Andrew K MillerPart of education reform is about terminology, but more importantly it is about being on the same page as other educators. Once on the same page, we can “speak the same language, and make a collective, cohesive argument for what’s best for students. At KinectEd, we want to provide resources, lesson […]

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  • Wecome, Ben Allen, to KinectEducation! Student, Developer, Drummer

    TweetWelcome, Ben Allen, to KinectEducation! Ben Allen is a student from the UK, where he crafts websites, software and apps. He has been passionately running the business (pixelblast.co.uk) for over a year now, with a quickly growing portfolio. Self-taught in C#, Java, PHP and HTML, to name a few, Ben actively gets involved in new […]

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About KinectEDucation

Kinecteducation LogoFinaltagupper Welcome! What is KinectEDucation?  

KinectEDucation Blog

blog View the latest blog posts made relating to the Kinect in education.  

Welcome! What is KinectEDucation?

But first...Why was this community started?

KinectEDucation is an educator-driven community resource for developers, teachers, students, enthusiasts, and any other education stakeholder to promote the use of Kinect applications in classrooms. Our goal is to transform classrooms to a 21st-century model of learning with accessible technology and we need your help!

With KinectEDucation, you can freely:

Integrating educational Kinect applications represents a blended classroom model, where we can explore innovative learning opportunities within the controlled setting demanded by the structure of public education.

The aim of KinectEDucation is to literally create a “Connected Education” by developing (by students, academics, enthusiasts, and whoever else wants to contribute), promoting, and integrating these resources in classrooms. It’s about showcasing Kinect developments, exploring gaming in education, programming in classrooms, and integrating activities for Kinect in education. But ultimately, those are the means by which the end - fresh perspectives and renewed classroom models – is achieved.

Everyone has a unique skillset to offer. If you have a similar vision and skills to contribute, (writing, programming, integrating, etc.), share them.

KinectEDucation is a new community; please offer your ideas for improvement.

Kinect Apps for Education

children crayon on a wahite paper Explore the emerging community of Kinect apps for education and upload your developments!

Community Links & Tips

kinectkid Share your voice and check out these amazing Kinect resources!  


What can we do with this? Build Kinect software that delivers the active learning experience to all classrooms and, when the software is available, make existing software Kinect compatible. As a community with diverse backgrounds and varying skill levels, we can help classrooms evolve. After you watch the video and read the guide below, think of how you can contribute - whether you're an educator, student, developer, or a hobbyist using the Kinect SDK. Check out the Kinect Apps for Education to see what's in the works.

This video describes the mission of KinectEDucation. We want your help! Join the movement.

Guides for Development

Do you have more advanced programming skills? Download the noncommercial Kinect SDK and check out Doug Bergman's Intro to Kinect Development (more guides coming soon - send us yours and we'll share it!). For further guidance, download the Meet the Kinect guide to Kinect development, and contribute your developments to KinectEDucation's Kinect Apps for Education!

If you'd like to learn how to develop for the Kinect, check out these excellent resources for guidance.


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    14, Feb, 2013 :

    Most of the major spam issues have been resolved and the forums have been restored. You may access the forums here.

    rivercrossing 12, Feb, 2013 :

    “River Crossing” is a new Kinect educational app available for download, freely provided by Kinems.  Kinems is a company that provides learning games utilizing Kinect for K-9 children and enriches the traditional therapeutic method with ...

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