Kinect Lesson Plans: Teaching Math with Kinect

Special thanks to Cheryl Arnett for posting this in the forums.


Lesson name: Teaching math with Kinect Adventures

Content Area: Math

Standards: Number Sense and Relationships, Data and Probability, Computation Appropriate

Age group: Elementary 1-5

Software needed: Xbox 360 with Kinect – Kinect Adventures

Supplies needed: Materials for collecting and displaying data (paper or technology)

Lesson description: By playing any of the Kinect Adventures games in teams of two, a class can generate data by recording scores. All ages can use the scores to create graphs and charts. The scores can be used for young children to learn to read, order, and compare 2-3 digit numbers. Older students can use the actively generated data to compute mean, median, and mode. Data can be collected over time and students can use computational skills to measure their score growth as well as compare team scores. How much more engaging can data and statistics be than when generated through competitive, active game playing! The game sessions are short enough to provide time for many players and there is no end to the math that can be performed with the results. Explore the possibilities by testing scores with one player as opposed to two. Connect online with another classroom and gather data for gaming at a distance!


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