Kinect Lesson Plans: Teaching Math & Functions

Lesson name: Teaching Math Concepts Relating to Functions with Kinect

Content Area: Math

Standards: Data and Probability, Functions, Independent and Dependent Variables, Domain and Range

Age group: Grades 8-10 (Algebra I)

Software needed: Xbox 360 with Kinect and Kinect Sports

Supplies needed: Materials for collecting and displaying data (paper or technology)

Lesson description: In this activity, students will play Kinect Sports to learn concepts relating to functions. Depending on class size, you may have students split up into four different groups. Have students assess all the potential input variables that might determine their output (performance) on any of the Kinect Sports games. For example, students may collect data on height, arm length, athletic history, etc. in order to see if they can predict performance on the Track and Field activity. This is also a great way to teach the difference between quantitative and qualitative data.

After several students have participated, have the class plot points on an xy coordinate plane, where x represents the input factor (height, for example) and y represents the output (total distance traveled, for example). Separate graphs will have to be made for each input factor assessed.

See if students can determine what input factor can be used to best determine their performance. Explain how being able to plot this performance would reveal a linear function.


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