What is KinectEDucation All About?

Last updated 12/15/2011

written by Johnny Kissko

I’ve received several emails and questions within the last couple of weeks related to the intents and objectives of KinectEDucation. Cumulatively looking at posts, I think my intents are evident but I’ve never really taken the time to fully explain myself in one post.  So, here’s my story.

As a student, I loved my teachers and their passion for helping me develop, but I did not like passively sitting in desks consuming content from lecturers. I think that my energy level as a student reflected that. When I became a teacher, I naively expected classrooms to have somehow transformed into this exciting, always engaging place of learning that my peers, professors and I discussed in our undergraduate and graduate classes.

Unfortunately, I found a classroom where effectively implementing this model was incongruent with the reality of what was actually being measured and assessed. I went to several workshops that appeared to successfully teach content while actively engaging learners, but by-and-large, these were canned sessions and hard to replicate in typical learning environments.

With Kinect technology, I saw a solid fit. I saw something that could align 21st century values with the values of public education.  I had blogged about the possibilities of using Kinect in classrooms back in September of 2010.  Months later, I was sent an email about that earlier post and then found these videos. But this time, what I saw was more than just a minute-and-a-half video on YouTube; I saw a movement happening and an opportunity to finally move many classrooms beyond the rhetoric. My appeal with the technology was to facilitate a higher purpose, that being the reformed education model which may be ideal, but not consistently possible with our current setup.

I had found something that could help attain this objective and something a community would gather around. With this technology, we have an opportunity to actually show a transformed classroom model as opposed to just talking about it.

And so it began.  Since then, I’ve gone as far as sponsoring a Kinect development contest to draw talented people out because I was frustrated with the little content that was there.  Although it’s clear that the Kinect SDK drivers are undoubtedly the way to go, at the time I knew little about the differences between the different driver versions. I just knew I saw a classroom that I wanted.  Call it ambitious or label it as odd; either way, I want to align what is truly best instructional practices – the whole-person paradigm of learning – with the current educational system that’s in place. 

Conclusively, KinectEDucation is about advocating for a renewed classroom model by promoting the people and developing the resources that will help make this a reality. Our top objective is promoting a “Connected Education,” hence the name KinectEDucation.

What we need to make this happen are more contributors. Join the mission, it’s open to everyone!

Any questions you have or any content you want shown, send them our way.


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