KinectEDucation Team: Doug Bergman: Teacher, Programmer

Welcome our next team member to KinectEDucation, Doug Bergman!

Doug Bergman has been teaching Computer Science for almost twenty years. Throughout his tenure as a computer science teacher, he’s been teaching game programming while preaching project-based learning. Doug’s been honored with opportunities to present both nationally and internationally about his school’s four-year high school Computer Science program.  His entrepreneurship through computer science and Xbox game design won him an award at the Microsoft U.S. Innovator Forum, which he presented at the Global forum as well.

Doug Bergman (left) visiting with Wayne Cloud, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, at Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Global Forum.

Doug is also member of the team with Lou, Johnny, and Margaret who put together the First Place in Collaboration When Fish Fly project at the Global Forum. He was also a selectee in the 2009 NAIS “Teachers of the Future” program.  Doug has been exploring games-based learning and the Kinect SDK in his classroom since it was released. 

His experience and vibrant personality will deliver some very compelling content.  Some of the content Doug expects to deliver are tutorials, guides, Kinect SDK developments, and blog posts.   Look for great things from Doug and his students!

Join the team.


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