Welcome, Julie Sessions, to KinectEducation! Educator & Curriculum Specialist

Welcome, Julie Sessions to KinectEducation!

Julie Sessions is an educator with 18 years of classroom experience in both public and private schools. She has taught a wide range of grades and subject material ranging from first grade through seventh grade.  Her specialty is science, but she has also taught Reading, Math, and Social Studies. Julie has chaired departments, lead grade levels, presented at numerous conferences, and formally evaluated teachers. This unique perspective gives Julie the knowledge to better help her fellow teachers as a curriculum specialist. Julie has her Master’s Degree in Reading, is a Reading Diagnostician, and has her Doctorate in Curriculum Studies. Hands-on exploration, interdisciplinary learning and cross-curricular units are Julie’s specialties.  She has a passion for learning that is contagious!

Currently, Julie is teaching at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC where she is also the Lower School Curriculum Coordinator. With extensive work on analyzing and developing curriculums, she shares her knowledge with the faculty and staff to help incorporate 21st century learning skills into the current curriculum. Julie is very excited to be a part of the team and looks forward to using her skills to help with lesson development and curriculum integration.

You gain a strong sense of who Julie is very quickly. Julie loves that we’re here doing something much bigger here than what any of us could do alone.  Taking an idea, spinning it off the brilliance of others, and then coming up with something bigger than what we could have originally imagined ourselves – that’s the ultimate collaborative effort.  Julie, welcome aboard!  We’re very excited to have you here!

We’ve got voices from developers, educators, and students that will soon emerge from Mexico, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere!   This team is open to anyone from all ages, countries, and backgrounds.  We’d love to have you part of what we’re doing.

Join the movement.


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