Welcome, Lakshman Sankar, to KinectEducation!

Welcome, Lakshman Sankar, to KinectEducation!

Lakshman Sankar is a graduate student and entrepreneur who is very excited to see how natural user interfaces will affect technology used in the classroom.  He recently graduated from MIT majoring in Physics and Computer Science and is currently completing a Master’s degree (still at MIT) in Computer Science.  During this time, he is also conducting research at MIT CSAIL in gestural interface design.

Lakshman has always been interested in education.  Before coming to MIT, he planned on studying and eventually teaching physics.  At MIT, he discovered a love for technology and building things and realized the impact he could have with technology in education.  His final year at MIT, he co-Founded Braingenie (http://braingenie.com/), an e-learning tool/curriculum that hopes will be a game changer in math and science enrichment.

Lakshman is very excited about the changing role technology is playing in educational tools and believes that the Kinect opens an entirely new range of possibilities.  Lakshman has engaged in prior work in large development environments and also provides a solid framework for tackling large projects. 

When visiting with Lakshman, it’s very clear that his primary purpose is to help learners by creating a “Connected Education,” and his skillset facilitates this higher purpose.  With everyone’s overlapping skillset and common vision, we aim to carry ideas from development to deployment to provide  Kinect Effect experiences to transform the traditional classroom model. 

Lakshman, we’re honored to have you!

We’d love for you to be a part of this!  Join the movement.


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