Wecome, Ben Allen, to KinectEducation! Student, Developer, Drummer

Welcome, Ben Allen, to KinectEducation!

Ben Allen is a student from the UK, where he crafts websites, software and apps. He has been passionately running the business (pixelblast.co.uk) for over a year now, with a quickly growing portfolio. Self-taught in C#, Java, PHP and HTML, to name a few, Ben actively gets involved in new projects to see what he can bring forward. His enthusiasm continues outside of work, where Ben enjoys playing the drums, mountain biking and reading.  Ben has an admirable passion and skill for creating digital content that enhances learning and builds communities.  The work that he’s doing is an extension of his passions – creating innovative applications using the latest technology available.  Ben has a contagious enthusiasm for technology and we’re here to partner it with other educators, students, and developers. 

What’s Ben been up to so far?  In addition to creating a Kinect physics game, Ben has been collaborating on a project with Cody Short, a student in Virginia, who will also soon be announced.   While the project they’re working on in itself will reflect great work, it’s the process that’s absolutely the most fascinating. 

The students, developers, researchers, and educators here are pioneering a new dimension of learning that minimizes cultural and device preference barriers. Ben is from the UK, Cody is from the USA, Kim Jackson is from South Africa, Patricio is from Chile, Guillermo is from Mexico City… and this list continues to grow.  There is no isolation here.  There is no “us,” “them”, “Brand A” or “Brand B.” We are all connected and from our own unique perspectives see the value of what our classrooms will look like through creating compelling content with Kinect. We’re leveraging each of our unique skillsets to create something bigger than what any of us would have done on our own. 

We’d love for you to create with us!  Join the movement.


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