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Come and see what the Kinect development community has created!

Have you been using the Kinect in your classroom or know someone who has?  Head over to the community and show everybody what you’ve accomplished! Selected media will be showcased here.

Here’s a sampling of what the Kinect development community has created already. Have you seen something that should be featured here? Send it my way!

Last updated on 05/04/2011.








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    14, Feb, 2013 :

    Most of the major spam issues have been resolved and the forums have been restored. You may access the forums here.

    rivercrossing 12, Feb, 2013 :

    “River Crossing” is a new Kinect educational app available for download, freely provided by Kinems.  Kinems is a company that provides learning games utilizing Kinect for K-9 children and enriches the traditional therapeutic method with ...

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