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9 Incredible Developments for Kinect in Education

Monday, July 11th, 2011

For those of us raised in typical school settings, the memory of straight-row desks with little activity is all too familiar.  As we’re all aware, the Kinect has the potential to evolve classrooms beyond this 18th century model of learning to a structure that’s aligned with brain research and the benefits of active learning.

With the release of the noncommercial Kinect SDK, several new Kinect applications are emerging.  These range from simple apps (such as creating “3D air drawings”) to more complex applications (such as sign language recognition).  Regardless, every single one of these developments has the potential to drastically enhance teaching and learning in all learning environments. 

Here are nine key developments that reveal the educational value of Kinect in education.   



Kinect Apps for Education Community

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I’m announcing the Kinect Apps for Education Community section of KinectEDucation, where anyone can download and upload their own Kinect FAAST key bindings, software, and articles.  All content, including membership, is free.  If you’re new to  



Top Applications for Kinect in Education

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The results are in! After compiling results, these are the top application categories educators would like to see “Kinectified” with key bindings for use in their classrooms:

I could focus on specific applications (with the exception of Google Earth), but my intent is to decentralize control and have the community determine the direction of a lot of these initiatives.

The key binding contributions for each of these application categories have been placed in the community forums.

A couple of guiding suggestions:

  • – Determine what the most appropriate software is within each category
  • – How to compartmentalize efforts so contributors are working on unique components (meaning each person’s role is to focus on key binding gestures for specific features.

Contributors will be acknowledged in credits when this project is presented to Microsoft (official press release coming soon).

How can you help? Join the community. Once your registration is approved, you can begin contributing.

With our combined efforts, we can help classrooms evolve beyond the rhetoric.




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